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Where to Find an Anime Face Mask Online

Now that everyone is wearing masks to slow the spread of coronavirus across the world, many companies are creating custom masks to meet everyone’s needs and fit their personalities. If you’re into anime and looking for a face mask anime design to express your hobby, there are plenty of places to look online.


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Creators come together and sell their creations on Etsy, a platform that allows sellers to provide handmade wares to buyers. It’s a great forum to find many types of face masks – even an anime face mask.

Simply go on Etsy and type in a search for “anime face mask” to see a wide variety of results. These include masks with graphics from anime series such as Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia, and Spirited Away. 

You’ll see simple and colorful masks with anime symbols along with brightly colored designs made with fabric featuring beloved characters and animals.


Try Amazon for an anime face mask that’s both eye-catching and affordable. Some of the masks you’ll see here include a soft cotton mask featuring Pikachu’s face, anime animal masks, characters from anime such as Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, Ken-Tokyo, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and other characters such as anime fairies.

You’ll find gaiters that cover your entire neck, nose, and mouth as well as more traditional face masks. You can also just do a search for “face masks” to see what comes up, or search for a specific character, such as “Pikachu face mask.”


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Online shop Kawaiiness meets all of your anime needs with a variety of face mask anime designs. Some of these feature characters like Sailor Moon, Tokyo Ghoul, and Pikachu. There are also more generic yet still adorable masks with animal features, such as cats and bears.

Kawaiiness provides free shipping worldwide.


Check TeePublic for anime face masks by the same company that makes tons of trendy t-shirts featuring pop culture icons, characters from TV shows and movies, and comic characters. Their anime face masks offer a multitude of designs for an affordable cost of $15 a mask.

You’ll find kawaii designs, different characters, animal masks, and many others. TeePublic masks are double-layered. The company also donates a medical-grade mask for every mask purchased, so you’re doing something good by purchasing an anime face mask from this site.

TeePublic also hosts specials from time to time, so you could get a deal on a mask and pay $12 or less.

Saiyan Pit

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A store that specializes in anime collectibles, Saiyan Pit has the anime face masks you’ve been looking for. You’ll find numerous types of Dragon Ball Z face masks featuring characters like Goku and Trunks. 

There are also Naruto face masks, Demon Slayer face masks, and masks with various anime designs. Check into Tokyo Ghoul designs or My Hero Academia masks. These masks include gaiters that are stretchy and slip over your head, covering your neck, nose, and mouth, or the more traditional face masks with elastic ear loops that cover your nose and mouth.

Masks are made of cotton fabric and run around $20 and under, depending on which style you choose.

Tokyo Toys

Load up on anime toys and collectibles at Tokyo Toys, a website that also specializes in anime face mask designs. Choose the anime-style facial expression of a cat, or of a cute smile with small vampire fangs. Or, let the company surprise you with a random box of five masks you won’t expect. Not only is this surprise fun, but it also gets you the masks you need for work or running errands at a great, low price. 

Make a face mask a present when you purchase one of the store’s gift packs that features a tote, a mask, and some snacks. You can also commemorate your love of BTS with a BTS face mask to let everyone know how much you love this band and their anime-flavored design.

Juku Store

Juku Store is a discount site that caters to lovers of anime culture and other Asian-inspired themes. Some of the face masks you’ll find at Juku Store depict different anime-themed facial expressions, such as smiles, toothy grins, bear and cat faces, and open mouths. There are also masks representing anime like Tokyo Ghoul. 

You’ll also find lightweight scarf-style masks that go over your neck, nose, and mouth and are a bit more loose-fitting and less restrictive than regular masks. (Consider wearing these with a filter and practicing extra diligence in your social distancing measures, since scarfs can be less effective as virus protection than traditional masks.)

There are different styles and colors of masks, but they’re usually made with elastic ear loops and soft cotton fabric that’s comfortable to wear. Juku Store frequently offers discounts so masks can be found for as low as $10.


Head to Joom for inexpensive masks made with an anime theme. These include many styles, including gaiters and scarves that can protect you from germs as well as dust and allergens in the air.

Some options you’ll find on Joom include kawaii facial expressions, animal masks, and characters like Pikachu, Tokyo Ghoul, and My Hero Academia. Anime character masks and animal masks are typically under $10.


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Redbubble is a site that allows artists to create merchandise for sale featuring their own unique designs. Some of these include anime face masks. 

You can find face masks featuring many different popular anime characters from movies like My Neighbor Totoro and other Studio Ghibli movies. Designs vary from characters’ faces to graphic designs featuring characters from manga, scenes from stories or books, or many characters in one panel. There are even robot face masks.

There are many different anime face masks to pick from, and most of them are priced inexpensively at $10 and under. They’re cotton face masks with stretchy elastic ear loops for a just-right fit. 

Buying a face mask from Redbubble ensures you have something that’s completely different and handmade by artists all over the world.


Find anime-inspired masks on Kogetsu. These soft cotton masks have stretchy elastic ear loops. There are numerous styles to choose from, and they are inexpensive at under $10 per mask. 

Choose from black or white designs with different-colored accents. Kogetsu is doing a promotion right now to ensure you get the masks you need at a great price – if you purchase two masks from this site, they will throw another mask in for free!

That’s a great deal and pretty much lets you get three masks for the price of two. The masks are lightweight, cute, and fun to wear, so you get your money’s worth, even at full price.


Make your own DIY anime face mask when you shop for anime fabric at Spoonflower. They have a wide variety of available fabrics that run the gamut when it comes to anime and manga designs. This fabric can be used to create DIY face masks using templates and instructions found online.

There are graphic designs that bring anime to mind but don’t have any obvious ties to particular characters. If you’re just going for an anime feel, there are also fabric designs that are based on shows or movies, such as My Hero Academia. 

Pricing for the fabric may vary, depending on which fabric you choose and how much of the fabric you need. Make sure to check your instructions and pattern first so you get the right amount of fabric to sew your mask.

Etsy (again)

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Once again, Etsy comes up if you’re looking for anime fabric to craft your own DIY masks for yourself or to gift anime-loving family and friends. 

These handmade designs range from cute Sailor Moon options to My Hero Academia, Pokemon, Hello Kitty, Badtz Maru, and adorable anime depictions of cats, mermaids, unicorns, fish, whales, and penguins, among many others. 

There are also beautiful vintage Japanese fabrics that feature landscapes and palaces, flowers, birds, and trees for a more unique face mask design. 

Look for fabrics and matching ribbons from My Neighbor Totoro, Retsuko, and Pokemon. Some fabrics offer extras, such as glimmering fabric threads woven through the designs to make them look shiny or sparkly.

Kawaii Fabric

Looking to create one-of-a-kind anime masks with the cutest anime fabric? Head to Kawaii Fabric for a wide array of choices when it comes to customizing masks. You’ll find anime shows and manga fabric along with anime-themed designs of animals and other categories.

Anime t-shirt DIY mask idea

Here’s another fun idea for creating your own anime masks. Have an overload of anime character or manga t-shirts? Transform one into a cool DIY mask!

This tutorial on Medium.com tells you where to find instructions on crafting a mask from existing pop culture clothing, such as an anime scarf. There are even links on where to buy some anime scarves, which you can use if you don’t have something suitable already.

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