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Offbeat Face Masks to Help You Stand Out

People usually express their individual style with clothes and accessories. Now that face masks have become an unexpected addition to our day-to-day wardrobes, why not use them for the same kind of self-expression? 

A skull face mask is a cheeky way to show your sense of humor while standing out from the crowd. Or perhaps you want to reflect your love of all things camouflage by wearing a camo face mask. There are enough serious consequences of this pandemic; let’s find a little fun while covering up.

Skull face masks

Skull-themed face coverings were already popular with motorcyclists long before people started wearing masks to protect themselves from COVID-19. Therefore, several designs were already on the market to shield riders from bugs and wind. 

Whether or not you’re into the biker lifestyle, skull face masks tend to come in two styles: black and white OR colorful in tribute to Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) culture. The black-and-white ones tend to replicate the outline of the jaw so the lower half of the face shows bones only.

Handcrafted Sterling

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One of the stand-out versions comes from Handcrafted Sterling in Utah. It looks like an x-ray showing some of the bones better than others. It’s spooky, but not necessarily scary. While it is designed for an adult, it can be adjusted for a child to wear.

“Thank you for the skeleton mask,” one reviewer wrote. “My husband loves it!!! We went to the doctor and the nurse said ‘It suits him’ and ‘Best mask ever!!!!’”

Another reviewer said hers fit perfectly and “…everyone at work loved it!”

If you want more styles, this crafter sells a wide range of masks that show animal faces, sports face masks, clown faces, and cartoon beards.

Gifts for Guys

Gifts for Guys offers skull face masks among its many prints and even offers customized fabrics and thread colors when you add up to three initials to your personalized version. It is also made from sturdy cotton and fits close along the jawline to keep out germ particulates.

You can order extra filters and a drawstring bag for storage. The masks also come in camo, red-and-black plaid, and a range of solid colors.

Toy and Fashion

Easily the most unique version comes from Jay Reid of Toy And Fashion in Niagara Falls. It is stark white with two black nostrils and a row of stitching from one ear to the other, then black straps. It is very striking, inspired by the character Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

…and much, much more

As for the Day of the Dead-themed masks, you can find them in many variations and colors, including this one by Yolanda Soto Lopez of Yolanda’s All Crafts or this bestseller from oSewNice.

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For a gaiter style, this version by Ethical Addiction has colorful artwork printed on a bamboo/cotton/spandex mix that is more breathable than two layers of cotton. Again, you have to balance between looks and level of protection when deciding how to cover your face.

Camo face masks

Camouflage is usually worn to blend into a forest or field so you can get a better look at wildlife or as part of life in the armed forces. However, it has also had a place in urban fashion for decades. 

Camo was used during World War I to obscure vehicles from the view of enemies. It was later used to help soldiers hide in plain sight, replacing the traditional bright colors that armies had typically used in previous conflicts, making them more obvious targets.

This mottled fabric entered mainstream fashion in the 1980s as a way for Americans to express their pride for their troops. The patterns have evolved over time, from the original ‘frog style’ to a more pixelated look. Nowadays, you also see it in pastel blues and pinks, in addition to the original greens and browns.

Lord Custom

Lord Custom in New York has multiple five-star reviews for its molded-mouth mask in different types of camo. It has three layers of protection, especially for its fit. The shop even has one overlaid with a black outline of the Stars and Stripes.

As one admiring shopper stated in her review: “The men in the house approve!”

Like many mask makers, this shop also offers a wide range of options, including fabrics showing popular social-media memes. The most distinctive one shows a dog hoarding a large stash of toilet paper.

Allys Cuts and More

For those shopping in bulk, Allys Cuts and More sells its polycotton double-blend camo face masks in quantities up to the hundreds. While many retailers are citing delays and short supplies, this shop in California is still hopping, and seems up for the challenge of equipping a large army.

“These masks are perfect”, wrote one reviewer. “Fast shipping. The quality is remarkable. Excellent job. This essential worker thanks you and recommends this seller.”

Dink Dink Smash

If you’re a purist, Dink Dink Smash is selling face masks made from genuine camo. They have a slightly washed-out, rugged look. However, staff are upfront that supply chain delays may hold up your order or result in you getting a mask in a slightly different pattern than expected.

Mini Souls

As for those on the other end of the spectrum – fans of a less traditional camo – Mini Souls is making hot pink camo masks that are getting excellent reviews for their comfort, especially for children and women with petite faces. The contoured masks are made from a t-shirt knit, tucking in well over the nose and under the chin.

Laugh-out-loud face masks

If you want a face mask that will have people stopping you to ask “Where did you get that?”, here are some originals from Blast Schmucks in San Francisco. They have taken scenes from pop culture and silly photographs to create face coverings that make you stop and take a second look.

For fans of the movie Pulp Fiction, they’ve tailored an iconic scene to suit this pandemic. A silhouette outline shows a masked Samuel L. Jackson pointing a gun while John Travolta proffers a roll of toilet paper.

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“We love Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction and decided to make a special contemporary graphic design”, says Sofi, owner of the shop. 

“I bought it for my girlfriend”, one reviewer wrote. “It’s a very good design. It looks even better in real life than in the picture. She loves it! Thank you!”

Sofi also shares her sense of humor and design with these options:

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And finally, she carries a white mask with a string of emojis running from ear to ear, including the poop emoji and symbols often used to replace letters in swear words. Given all that we’ve been through in recent months, we get where she’s coming from!

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