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How to Decorate a Blank Face Mask

If the only masks you have available are plain old blank ones, it can get a little boring. Decorating a face mask can be a great way to customize or personalize your mask, and it’s a fun project for creative kids to do, too. More importantly, it’s possible to decorate your mask in a way that does not tamper with its effectiveness. 

Are you looking for ways to spruce up your blank face mask? Let’s explore a few together.

Fabric markers

Tutorials like this one present easy options for kids to customize blank face masks, especially fabric ones, with their own artistic creations. 

Fabric markers are perfect for drawing faces, designs, rainbows, patterns, or anything else you’d like on a fabric mask of any color. You can also use fabric paint if you don’t have access to the markers.

Bedazzle your mask

Remember those bedazzled jeans and jean jackets that were popular in the ‘80s and ‘90s? Why not bedazzle a fabric face mask? All you need are some tweezers, a hot glue gun, and some crystal rhinestones of a decent size. You can purchase these at any craft store or online. 

Use the tweezers to place each stone carefully onto the mask. You may want to plan the design before you get glue involved. Once you’re ready, place a dot of glue on the back of each rhinestone and add it to the mask with the tweezers. Allow it to dry before you wear it.

Iron-on decals

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You may have used iron-on decals before to jazz up plain t-shirts or other fabric crafts. This is the same basic idea, but you will need to take care to choose a decal that fits your mask.

Iron the design onto the mask just as you would a t-shirt or other fabric. Make sure the design is centered before you iron it on (if desired). The iron-on kit should have specific instructions that will work best for the one you select.

Make matching accessories

Want to up your style game? Why not create matching accessories that pull your outfit together? Some creators are selling kits that include a headband made from the same fabric as a face mask, which allows you to make a chic fashion statement! 

Or, you could create your own hair scrunchies, headbands, and even tote bags using the same fabric you used for your face mask. This will definitely get you noticed at work or out and about, and it makes it more fun for you if wearing a mask has become a chore.

Screen printing masks

If you love decorating t-shirts, whether you use screen printing or a heat press, you can apply the same technique to making decorative face masks. This is a great way to add your company’s logo or slogan to a face mask. Maybe also throw in some of your favorite custom designs if you’re using a Cricut or other vinyl press to make customized art.

Add a patch

Do you love collecting patches or have a denim jacket you like accessorizing from time to time? Grab a few unused patches and sew them onto your masks! It’s a great way to personalize your masks and get some use out of your favorite patches. Even if you don’t sew, you can use fabric glue to adhere these patches to your mask with ease.

Craft supplies

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Kids love gluing sequins and pom-poms to just about anything. Give them a blank face mask and let them go to town! Using child-safe glue, allow kids to glue all types of craft items to their face masks. Sequins and glitter, foam shapes, ribbons, etc. all make for great ways to personalize a kid’s mask!

Be prepared to do a little touching up if you machine wash these masks, and lay down some newsprint while creating to avoid decorating your table along with the mask! It will all be worth it if your child will wear the mask without a struggle.

Create changeable covers

One way to personalize a plain mask is to simply make interchangeable covers for the outside of the mask, so you’ll still have the protection of the inner mask with the filter. These can be lightweight and cute, such as covers made of lace or cool ones made of chainmail. 

They can even be made of felt or fabric or crocheted in different colors. You can use textured fabrics that may not be effective for the mask itself but make for a pretty and decorative cover, such as velvet, leather, or satin. Layering net fabric over a bright, colorful mask adds texture and a unique look to your face mask! 

Remember that these covers should be washed immediately after using, just like your masks.

Use interesting fabric choices

If you aren’t comfortable making changes to a completed mask, consider making one that has character without the need for embellishments.

For example, glow-in-the-dark fabric is a fun way to enhance your face mask, especially if you’ll be wearing it at night. Heat-sensitive fabric makes for a fun surprise, as well. There are some cute Harry Potter masks that look black until you put them on. Then, once your hot breath warms it, an image of the Marauder’s Map appears.

Embroider your blank face mask

Love to embroider? Then why not add some flair to your face mask? Embroidery is a creative way to customize wall hangings, clothing, and accessories. Imagine some adorable embroidered flowers around the edges of your face mask, or an embroidered design of your very own.

Select a theme

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Opt for a theme for your mask and select decorations accordingly. A Mardi Gras mask could use traditional Mardi Gras colors and incorporate beads on the ties. An animal-themed mask could use animal-print fabric and embellishments like painted-on whiskers or a whole animal face. The sky is the limit with this option. You could do favorite movies or characters, cartoons, video games, favorite holidays, etc. even your favorite football team.

Dip into your scarf or bandana stash

You may have a drawer in your home where you’ve tossed all of your cute bandanas and decorative scarves in over the years. If you find yourself not using them often to accessorize your outfits, transform them into really cute face masks instead! (Check to be sure the fabric they are made of is suitable for providing protection, first.)

Some tips

Though you want to make a statement and personalize your blank face mask, you need to ensure that your mask still works for its intended purpose. No matter what you do to your mask, it should fit snugly on your face without obstructing your breathing.

The ear loops should be secure around your ears without slipping or sliding. If the mask is secured with fabric ties, adjust them accordingly. Loose elastic loops can be tightened with an extra knot. 

Your mask should comfortably cover your nose and mouth, and you should be able to see without obstruction. Be careful when decorating not to add oversized decorations to the top of the mask.

Taking off and putting on your mask should be simple. Teach kids to only remove their masks once they’ve returned home and to put the mask on before leaving the house.

There should be no loose pieces or materials that could become a safety risk after you’ve decorated your mask. Everything should be sewed or glued onto the mask and stay that way! You should also be able to breathe comfortably and without straining.

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