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Designer Brands That Are Giving Back With Fashion Face Masks (And More)

COVID-19 has put the world into crisis mode, but in some cases, it’s brought out the best of humanity. Individuals are rising to the challenges of caring for vulnerable members of their communities, donating and creating PPE substitutes for the medical community, and sharing a little joy wherever possible.

In the designer world, a fashion face mask is the name of the game. High-fashion brands are converting their production lines into face mask mode and donating to those in need, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of masks and millions of dollars.

Fashion brands contributing to the COVID-19 cause

Vera Bradley

The brand known for beautiful floral handbags and accessories has also designed a fashion mouth mask. These cotton masks come in some of Vera Bradley’s most popular prints, including Happy Snails and Flower Vines. You can purchase a filter for the masks separately in a pack of two for $2.50. The masks have an opening to slip the filter inside. 

The ear loops are elastic, and the masks are machine washable. The cost of Vera Bradley masks is $8. The company is making medical masks suitable for healthcare workers on the frontlines, which are not sold with the non-medical versions. The masks available to the general public are non-medical grade masks.

Cynthia Rowley

Designer Cynthia Rowley is using the brand’s scuba and wetsuit fabric to manufacture protective masks. If you can’t get your hands on one, Rowley provides a tutorial via her website that uses her stretchy scuba fabric to make elastic-free masks in an easy DIY. 

You can use any type of fabric or the brand’s fabric to create your own mask in lieu of purchasing one. Cynthia Rowley is using proceeds from mask sales to provide masks for frontline healthcare workers who may be running out of masks during the surge of patients fighting the virus in hospitals.

Louis Vuitton

You may have seen Louis Vuitton’s announcement on Instagram, thanking the volunteer artisans working with them to provide masks to the medical community. Like other fashion houses, Louis Vuitton is making hundreds of thousands of fashion surgical masks to donate to healthcare workers. These masks aren’t for sale to the general public. They are being produced in French factories to aid doctors and nurses that need PPE during this difficult time.

Lilly Pulitzer

You likely know Lilly Pulitzer’s brightly colored prints and flowery fabrics at first glance. The company is using its famous fabric to design fashion face masks with a designer flair. They have already donated tens of thousands, with plans to donate even more!

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The company is sold out off and on, so if you want a mask made with the pops of color the fashion house is known for and can’t find one in stock, check Angela Wood Designs online and pick from a variety of different Pulitzer fabrics for a mask. There are around 50 designs to choose from and many different colors. These masks go for $25, have elastic ear loops, and incorporate a place for you to put in a filter of your choice.

Billie Blooms

Supermodel Karolina Kurkova has teamed up with designer Ashley Liemer to create a fashionable face mask that the public can purchase. This mask sells for $20 and has a cute and chic lip print design on the 100% cotton mask. Kurkova wanted to create a mask that’s extremely comfortable and easy to breathe in while wearing, with elastic that should feel better and less painful than many traditional masks. 

Billie Blooms is offering this to support the #masksforall movement – for every mask purchased, they will donate a mask via the nonprofit charity Feeding America. Head to the Billie Blooms website to purchase your mask and make your donation.

rag & bone

rag & bone is a fashion-forward brand that many celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow, wear. They’ve now put their jeans and trendy clothes on the back burner to make masks during the COVID-19 crisis. They’ve created a polished plaid mask, called the Stealth Mask, that is selling for $30.

Another option is to purchase a Stealth Mask pack of three masks in coordinating denim shades: one light, one medium, and one dark (blue or black denim), for $55. Head to the rag & bone website and put in a preorder, because these are selling as fast as the company can make them. 

When you buy a mask, the company is donating $5 to City Harvest, which is a food truck nonprofit charity organization. When you buy the masks in a pack, $15 goes to City Harvest.

Alice and Olivia

Alice and Olivia bring to mind of-the-minute, feminine, detailed dresses, shoes, accessories, and other fashion necessities. The brand has put its creative spin on face masks that feature designs like the brand’s iconic “Staceface” design, a snakeskin print, floral designs, and polka dots, among others. 

For every mask purchase, Alice and Olivia is making a donation to communities in need during these unprecedented times. The masks have ear loops that match the fabric and are adjustable. They have two layers, with room to add a filter of your choice.


The purveyor of high-dollar purses and beautiful clothing and accessories, Prada is a premiere designer. They’re also one of the many design houses that has turned its attention from manufacturing dresses, skirts, and tops to designing and producing mass amounts PPE, including medical overalls and face masks. (They also donated six intensive care units to hospitals in Milan.)

Brands selling directly to the public

It may be challenging to get your hands on a branded Lilly Pulitzer, Louis Vuitton, or Balenciaga mask, and it’s probably not a bad idea to reserve them for medical workers, anyway. But there are plenty of cute and fashionable masks you can buy instead. Here are five more brands offering up masks for sale and doing their part for charity.

Citizens of Humanity

Known for their top-tier blue jeans, Citizens of Humanity is creating a designer face mask you can purchase in packs of five, perfect for work. The fabric is denim, naturally, and at a reasonable cost of $25 per five-pack, it’s easy to add a name-brand bit of fashion to your wardrobe!

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You can feel good about this purchase, too. The cotton masks are also being donated to child advocacy groups, first responders, and frontline workers.


Madewell is making packs of three face masks available to the public. These three-layered masks have stretchy elastic ear loops and come with a filter. If you like Madewell’s designs and patterns, you may like the idea of snatching a mask made with some of the brand’s leftover iconic fabric, meaning each mask is different and completely limited!

Grab a three-pack of cotton masks, the same types of masks that the company has already donated over 70,000 of to help New York hospitals.

Tanya Taylor

Bright colors and attention-grabbing patterns are the hallmark of Tanya Taylor. Purchase a pack of three floral face masks from this popular brand and spend $35. You’ll get three masks with two layers of fabric and a nose clip for a good fit. 

Each mask pack the brand sells will mean another mask donated to a healthcare worker, and the company has already donated 30,000 masks.

Sanctuary Clothing 

Sanctuary offers several different options to keep your family covered and cute during this crisis. Purchase a five-pack of masks in patterns like camouflage and animal print. Sanctuary even offers a pack of kids’ masks in smaller sizes. 

These mask packs cost $28 and feature a nose wire along with a filter. Sanctuary is donating masks to those in need for each mask purchase.

Buck Mason

A Buck Mason mask pack costs $20 and comes with five masks. These masks have an antimicrobial coating and are made of soft jersey cotton. The company has already given almost 450,000 masks to those who need them, and they’ve implemented a one-for-one policy with donations; for every mask purchased, one is donated.

You also have the option to purchase masks in bulk or pay for masks to be donated. The company aims to donate a million masks, so help them out with your purchase!

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