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Cute Face Masks to Keep You Feeling Pretty, Even in a Pandemic

If you are following the CDC’s recommendation to wear a face mask as a precaution, there’s no reason why you cannot select cute face masks that make you feel feminine at the same time, if that’s your thing. After all, who says you have to sacrifice fashion when you cover up your face?

With so many options out there, you can easily find pretty masks that brighten your day – and do the same for people around you. So don’t blend into the background! Show your personality and your individuality with some bright colors and fun fabrics. Let’s have a little fun.

Cute face masks from DUDIEDOG BANDANAS

“If you’re going to wear a face mask it might as well be pretty and stylish, and a delicate pastel floral mask is a lovely choice for spring and summer,” says Jan Ferguson of DUDIEDOG BANDANAS in the United Kingdom. “It is a perfect accessory that will help to spread a little happiness, and not look severe and medical!”

While her creations take weeks to ship overseas, there are many other options closer to home that can be in your hands in just a few days.

Pretty Masks by Cabo Pickles

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“A little cheer is needed in these stressful times,” says the maker of the pretty masks offered by Cabo Pickles on Etsy.

This Alabama artisan stands behind that motto, selling homemade masks out of a range of colorful novelty fabrics, such as paisleys, butterflies, bumblebees, and cute baby animals. They are reversible and sewn with two layers of high-quality cotton. The inside layer is made with a plain or geometric print in a matching color in case you want to dial things down a notch.

The masks sell for $14 and get great reviews for comfort and quick shipments. For each mask, she is donating $5 to the Foundation 18 Orphanage in Indonesia. If you see a print on the site, it is still available to order.

Little Pieces Lingerie (yes, we’re still talking about face masks)

When a lingerie maker starts making masks, you know you are going to get something special. Cullanete Bloom of Little Pieces Lingerie has taken the materials usually used in brassieres and fashioned them into stunning and comfortable face coverings.

“Hands down, this is the prettiest mask I’ve seen so far!” one of her reviewers writes. “It’s light, airy, and easy to use. I’m really pleased with the details and stitching!”

“These absolutely gorgeous masks are made of high-quality materials by an expert seamstress,” another adds. “The thick and breathable material makes me feel so much better about having to leave home, and I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful mask either. It is basically a designer mask. It’s beautiful and wonderfully made!”

Cullanete uses upcycled mesh to create a fitted face mask that comes in three sizes, including one for people with petite faces. She calls her creations The Masque and sells them for $20.

They come in bold floral prints with straps made from matching or accenting colors that show a true sense of design. Some of her masks have a lace covering over the fabric layer, which is very feminine.

Gypsy Mist Boutique face masks

If you like lace, check out the collection from Gypsy Mist Boutique. Cait has fashioned Bohemian-inspired masks with black lace and white or blue fringe outer coverings. Underneath, she has ensured long-wear comfort and full coverage with her sculpted pattern.

“Make a statement with our fashion-forward design,” she says.

The lace version sells for $26 and the fringes will cost you $36.50.

Floral face masks by Sugar Sandwich Design

Meanwhile, Ettie at Sugar Sandwich Design has some stunning floral prints for her pleated masks. She has made more than 2,000 extra-affordable masks in recent months. Those who bought her $5 masks tend to come back for more.

The masks have one layer of cotton and come in child and adult sizes. She has some in stunning turquoise and leafy florals, as well. 

“Beautiful masks! I bought them for my mom and sisters and they love them,” one reviewer says.
Other reviews say the masks were lighter and smaller than they expected, so make sure to read the product specifications before ordering.

More florals from Scrub Caps 4 Fun

If you love flowers, you can definitely get that spring look with a series of masks offered by Mel at Scrub Caps 4 Fun in Canada. Her samples show pink roses on white fabric, pink on cream, lilac on burgundy, and pink on navy. 

They have three layers of protection for $8 and 20 five-star reviews for quality and comfort. Mel says they are particularly suitable to eyelash technicians who are going back to work.

Bolder florals by Changelings Design

Petrona Fox at Changelings Design has a white lotus flower on a purple background that is quite distinctive. It comes in a double-layered polyester mask with ear straps for $19 and a bandana style for $23.50.

“Non-medical face masks help you express yourself even when you can’t show your face,” this artisan says.

Her additional mask options include cartoon otters and lions, a black moon in its various phases, and a caution sign, warning you about entering a quarantine area. These may suit the sense of humor of someone else seeking a mask.

Smiles and a little sparkle with Handcraft Sterling masks

If you miss sharing your smile, Kris at Handcraft Sterling in Utah has a way to bring it back even bigger. The Fun Lady Face Guard shows a line drawing of a nose and wide, smiling mouth on flesh-colored fabric. The designer is clear that this is not a medical-grade mask, but a fun way to cover up while keeping your social distance.

“My friends smile when they see my face,” a reviewer wrote, one among the many who praise the mask’s quality. 

“It has definitely gotten me many stares and chuckles,” adds another.

You can pick yours up for $15.

Blazzing Starz’ sparkling masks

If you want a little more sparkle, you can buy a pink mask with silver spikes from Tatiana Ysabel of Blazzing Starz. The handmade masks have dozens of silver spikes stuck to the face mask and straps.

“It’s guaranteed to have all eyes on you,” says Tatiana, who has sold more than 700 of them already.

She asks for two to five days to make one after receiving an order and sells them for $23 each. Her fans were delighted to learn that they can order them in different colors in future.

Unleash your inner animal with masks from Seesan General Goods

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 If you are an animal lover, show your true colors by wearing the print of a nose and mouth from another mammal.

Seesan General Goods is letting mask fans choose their favorite fabrics between cat, dog, or two different types of tiger designs. One tiger and the dog each show their tongues as well. These are a real show-stopper since you look human on the top half of your face and wild on the bottom half.

Reviewers say the masks fit well and arrived quickly after they ordered. “The dog mask is so cute and sooo soft,” wrote Joni. Another reviewer ordered a second one while another fan has been stopped and asked where she bought hers.

The masks sell for $12.50 and offer three layers of breathable fabric, plus they come with two free filters.

Cat print masks from A Little Sew and Sew 8

For fans of tiger stripes and leopard prints, Minnette Malek of A Little Sew and Sew 8 has a line of animal-print mask that have sold more than 2,400 versions. One buyer describes her purchase as “super stylish.”

Minette has added a piece of non-woven interfacing between the fabric layers and added a wire pipe cleaner so the masks stay better on your nose. She sells hers for $9 apiece.

Announce It Favors dog-themed face masks

If you want to wear your love of dogs for people to clearly see, Lori Shirley at Announce It Favors in Michigan has masks created from paw-print themed fabrics in a range of colors. The close-fitting masks follow guidelines for two layers of cotton fabric, with an extra filter, for $7.50 each.

Lori has sold more than 18,500 items via Etsy and her Pet Lover masks are selling quickly. She also has a variety of additional fabric options, including gingham, dots, and stars.

The most beautiful mask of them all – the one offering hope

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If you need to remind everyone of better days ahead, you may wish to purchase the “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” mask from Tina Moore of Jatt Sports.

This green and teal on beige mask takes a Disney quote and plants it on the front of your face for $13. She also has Disney princess, Disney snack, and Spiderman prints if you wish to cover up your kids as well.

Remember, there is a great big beautiful tomorrow out there. You might as well look good in your mask while you wait for it.

Alert to shoppers: Each of these masks are non-refundable due to possible contamination when trying them on. Please read the maker’s specifications carefully before buying to ensure you get the product you want.

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