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Buying a Pink Face Mask

Some days, you just want to feel pretty – virus or no virus. A soft, pink face mask offers the choice of a soothing pastel or a bright, feisty hue. It’s all up to you.

With so many options evolving in recent months, you can find a range of colors and styles that match your mood or even what you’re wearing that day. With the rise of the new “trikini” trend, you can even suit your face mask to your two-piece swimsuit. 

Pink face masks are surprisingly in demand, with several models selling out. If you see one you like, you might want to snatch it up right away, before it is gone.

Pretty in pink face masks

Pink Poppies Designs

Fans of keeping it simple will appreciate this pink mask by Pink Poppies Designs. Made from a pastel fabric, it is reversible in case you want to show a different solid color the next time you wear it.

“Differing colors on each side of [the] mask to make it easy to remember which side was on your face and which faced outwards,” says creator Leah Russell.

Lai Baby

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Lai Baby offers two different shades of pink masks in checkered prints – a sweet pastel and a dusty rose. Artisan Lai Xu takes her knowledge and experience as a research assistant in a biosafety lab and applies it to her designs. She also uses soft cotton on the inside for comfort and adjustable straps for a customizable fit.

Les Beaux Creations

For feminine, floral designs, you’ll love this soft print with floating flowers from Les Beaux Creations. It may look delicate, but its sturdy stitching is getting as many raves as its beauty. Fans say it is comfortable, thanks to the ear straps and wired-in nose piece.

Boho Bum Maui

If you prefer the candy striper look, the vertical pink-and-white lines in this model by Boho Bum Maui are lovely and functional. It is also getting compliments for being well-made and extremely comfortable, while offering those key double layers of protection. (The mask has to do its job in addition to looking pretty, after all!)

Cute and cuddly pink face masks

Sugar Sandwich Design

If you’re looking for a pink mask that matches your love of baking – or your stress eating habits, no judgment here – Sugar Sandwich Design has a pink cupcake print that is selling like hotcakes. Since she is making so many masks right now, it is a simple but effective pattern with two layers of cotton and no filter pocket.

“I’ve bought so many masks from this shop now, as an essential worker during these tough times it’s so nice to be able to wear a mask that’s a little fun and has some personality,” says Olivia in her review on Etsy. “Great fit and make; shipping was fast too!”

Annie Ju Shop

Annie Ju Shop has its own version for the pink-loving girl in your household. It combines cute animals with cupcakes on its fabric, so you cover sweet creatures and your sweet tooth at the same time. 

This pink mask is washable and even has a filter pocket for an optional extra layer of protection. Its reviewers say it fits little faces beyond expectations.

Sarah’s Knit Picks

For more choices, Sarah’s Knit Picks has a long list of pink mask fabric options, including designs with kittens, candies, and zigzags. She regularly updates her menu so you can see what has sold out and what fun fabrics are still available.

Fun in fuchsia face masks

NYLA Supply

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If you want to stand out in a crowd, you can choose a bright color that is still within the pink family.

One of the best sellers on Etsy comes from Los Angeles-based NYLA Supply for its solid bright pink mask. Made from beechwood trees into modal fabric, it earns high praise for being easy to wear all day long. 

“I love the masks,” says purchaser Colleen. “I work in a grocery store and need to wear this for 9 to 10 hours per day. It is super comfortable and breathable. I’m going to go back and order some more for the rest of my family who are also all still working and need to wear a mask all day too.”

October Days Handmade

If a full face of fuchsia feels like too much for you, Jackie Bonette at October Days Handmade gives a smaller dose of this shade with her flamingo-print mask. If you cannot get one before they sell out, she also carries a version with bright pink roses.

If you still want to do DIY…

Perhaps you still want to sew your own mask, but don’t have any pink fabric left in your stash at home. There are some great, fresh prints out there to brighten your days.

Tula Pink

For the best print name, you have to love Tula Pink Pinkerville Enlightenment Cotton Candy. It features a creature that looks like a hybrid between a butterfly and an owl. With a pink-on-pink design – and the color’s name twice in the title – you’re definitely getting a full dose of this hue. The yellow and orange highlights add dashes of accent color to this high-quality cotton. Additionally, the design is the right scale to fit one winged creature right over your mouth for a great effect.

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For a sewing-themed fabric, you can try Tula Pink Homemade Busy Fingers Morning. Its fuchsia hand symbols have red hearts, thimbles, scissors, and needles on a cream background. Who doesn’t need a little love right now?

Kaffe Fassett

Artist Kaffe Fassett, a true color genius, has created countless vibrant floral and geometric fabric designs over time. If you need a kick of color, this Kaffe Fassett Collective design by Philip Jacobs combines a variety of pinks with red, purple, green, and gold to create a real splash. Again, if you cut the fabric the right way, you can center a rose – or have it on one cheek – to have an original look when you go out.

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