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Beat the Heat and Stay Safe With a Cool Face Mask

Face masks have become extremely popular due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced people globally to find a face covering that can safely cover up their mouth and nose. This is done in hopes of keeping the coronavirus at bay and to help prevent infected individuals (even those who don’t realize they are carriers) from spreading it to others. 

While face masks can be helpful during these trying times and have been recommended by large healthcare bodies like the CDC, they can also sometimes be extremely hot, making them uncomfortable to wear, especially for longer periods. 

As a result, people are now beginning to search for a cool face mask they can wear to keep themselves protected from both the virus and the heat. In this article, we will go over a list of places where you can purchase a cool face mask. We’ll also give you some pointers about the type of material you may want to be on the lookout for to stay as cool (and safe) as possible.

Cool face mask materials

When it comes to a mask that will help you stay cool in the summer, choosing a breathable fabric is the way to go. Natural fabrics like cotton are an ideal material to opt for because they allow for plenty of ventilation while still providing a solid barrier. 

Cotton is also soft to the touch and will allow for a comfortable wearing experience. However, it will not absorb all the moisture on your face right away, and you may sweat, too. The cotton will allow for plenty of ventilation, though, which will, in turn, allow the sweat to evaporate by itself.

You should try to avoid synthetic materials like polyester, if possible. Such materials are excellent at blocking off the air and do not allow for much ventilation. As a result, you will be left hot and sweaty, which can be extremely uncomfortable.

Where to buy cool face masks

Finding the right mask can be a challenge under normal circumstances, but when you’re also trying to find one that will stay cool it gets even more complicated. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of cool face masks you can buy right now:

3M Cool Flow Valve Masks

3M is among the most well-known and trusted mask manufacturers in the world. If you’re looking for a medical-grade mask you can wear during the hotter months, consider getting one of their signature N95 Cool Flow valve masks. 

These masks contain a special valve that allows for convenient inhalation and exhalation as it is designed to allow the heat to flow through the small valve piece only, instead of spreading around the entire mask covering the facial area. Keep in mind that the exhalation valve may not filter the air you send out, so be particularly diligent about social distancing if you opt for a mask that features one.

When all the heat is directed towards a small section of the mask, the skin covered by the entire mask is less likely to heat up and the wearer is less likely to feel uncomfortable in warmer climates. The valve can provide you with enough ventilation to make your experience with the mask comfortable, even if you are planning on wearing it for hours on end.

N95 masks are also one of the smartest options you can choose to help you stay safe from the coronavirus.

Achiou Neck Gaiter Face Scarf

This product is slightly different from your typical face mask. It provides protection not only to your mouth and nose but also to your neck, until it stretches. This covering will help you stay clear of harsh sunlight, which can easily heat your body when your skin is directly exposed. 

The mask itself is soft to the touch and is wind-proof, dust-proof, and sand-proof. It also comes in an exciting range of colors for you to choose from.

Activated Carbon Filtered Face Mask (ByZari)

Activated carbon is known for its ability to trap small, unwanted particles, which is why it is used in so many face mask filters. This particular mask can help you stay cool despite the heat, thanks to its built-in breathing valve that directs heat out of the mask without allowing it to collect over your skin.

You should always use a filter when wearing such masks. The mask will be delivered with a set of activated carbon filters that can improve its performance. While the filters do provide an extra layer, they also allow for sufficient ventilation. The cooling valve will help you beat the heat too, so don’t worry about the filter adding in an extra layer of insulation!

Children’s Cloth Face Mask (LifebytheYard)

This product comes in 70 different designs, so you can choose one that suits you or your child the best. These colorful prints are designed to help adults convince their child to wear a mask. Children may be reluctant to cover their faces for longer periods but will be more inclined to do so once they see all the wonderful, fun patterns to choose from. This mask is made from two layers of cotton and can provide both protection from diseases and ample ventilation.

Other things to consider

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When buying a mask, try to opt for one that has a comfortable fit without being loose enough to allow air to escape around the edges. N95 masks in particular should always be worn tightly and securely, with no gaps between the mask’s edge and your facial skin. 

Using a mask that has ties instead of elastic bands can help with comfort around the ears. Elastic bands go behind the ears and offer only one kind of fit, whereas those with adjustable ties can be tied back as you please, allowing you to choose how loose you want your mask to be. 

You should also try and stay in the shade when wearing a mask. Staying out of the sun can help keep you cool without making any changes to your mask at all!

As you can see, there are many excellent cool face mask options online. During this time, wearing a mask has become the norm, but it can be difficult to do until you find the right one for you.

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