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14 Animal-Themed Face Masks to Brighten Your Collection

The CDC has issued guidelines for people to follow during the pandemic in order to stay safe and healthy. One of those guidelines is to wear a face covering or mask when you’re out and about. This has given many brands and creators the chance to express themselves creatively through mask making, and given the public the chance to wear fun, colorful masks. 

Though you can choose a face mask made of fabric in many designs or colors, a funny animal face mask is another option that will make you smile during this time of crisis. Here are some cute animal face masks you can add to your expanding face mask collection and where to get them.

1. Arm the Animals

Grab an adorable animal face mask from Arm the Animals, which is donating a mask to healthcare professionals for every mask purchased. Some of the animal designs you can buy include a cat face mask, dog face mask, a mask with a beautiful image of a wolf against mountains, a gorgeous lion mask with floral accents, or masks with slogans like “This Mask Saves Animals.” 

The masks are made from stretchy cotton fabric with elastic ear loops. They’re washable and reusable, and there are many options to pick from. If you’re stuck wearing a mask, why not make it a lion, panda, or white tiger snout mask? It will definitely garner attention!

2. Look Human

The company that creates super comfortable and soft t-shirts has turned their attention to crafting unique and entertaining face masks for customers. Some animal face mask designs include a cute cartoon corgi snout, a swarm of smiling bees, a Tiger King-themed tiger mask, and polar bear, raccoon, and pug snouts. 

Masks from Look Human have elastic ear loops and can be worn alone or as a cover for another mask. They’re lightweight, washable, and made of polyester and microfiber fabrics.

3. MaskClub

Like other companies, MaskClub is donating one mask for each mask purchased. This site offers an array of design options, and there are many for animal lovers. In the animal face mask category, there is a lifelike cat face mask, a more cartoon-like smiling cat face, and a cute cat face mask with fangs. Your feline obsession is welcome here.

Other animal options feature colorful patterns, such as rainbow-colored unicorns, cats and kittens, and raccoons. MaskClub masks aren’t medical-grade, but they have two layers and a pocket where you can insert a filter if you desire, though the masks do not come with a filter. The ear loops are elastic, and masks are washable and reusable. 

If you foresee yourself needing masks on a regular basis, sign up for a monthly subscription and get a mask each month for only $9.99, as opposed to their individual pricing of $13.99 per mask.

4. Etsy

If you haven’t shopped Etsy before, you may not know that it’s a platform for all types of crafters and creators to sell their handmade wares. That means there are plenty of sellers making DIY and handmade face masks and selling them on this platform. 

Simply doing a search for “animal face masks” brings up many appealing options, including all types of realistic snouts, cat face masks, dog face masks, gorilla masks, and tiger masks. There are animal-themed masks, such as leopard print designs, fabric with animal patterns on it, and designs with cute little paw prints.

Since these are all made by different sellers, they’re all crafted from different types of fabric. Some sellers may offer more customized masks for your specific measurements, and there are options for kids and adult-sized masks. Speak to the individual seller if you have a question about a certain mask.

5. Cubcoats

A beloved company that makes 2-in-1 coats for kids that transform into toys, Cubcoats now makes face masks that kids will love. These animal face masks come in packs of two and include pastel colors and cute bear and cat designs. They’re smaller for kids to wear and easy to put on, with elastic ear loops that are comfortable for kids. 

Cubcoats masks include a metal nose wire so kids can adjust the mask, reducing the risk of it sliding down their nose or falling off their faces altogether. Masks have two layers of fabric, and they’re washable and reusable. A tip: kids under two years old should not wear face masks. This can pose a breathing risk for young children and babies.

6. Cincinnati Zoo

The iconic Cincinnati Zoo is helping out in this time of need by creating face masks for families. These fun masks have different animal faces on them, including some of the animals that live in the zoo itself, like Fiona the hippo!

There are red panda masks, a sloth, and a giraffe. The great thing about the masks that the zoo is selling is that they come in many size options. You can purchase a toddler mask, youth size, or adult size for just the right fit for every member of your family. 

The masks feature two layers of comfortable fabric and offer secure elastic ear loops. These masks can be worn alone, but they’re also a great way to liven up a bland face mask and they act as a cover for other face masks.

7. Fine Art America

Grab a cool face mask from Fine Art America and get something truly unique. If you’re in the market for an animal face mask, there are certainly multiple options here. Whether you want a beautiful graphic of a regal elephant or a watercolor print of a hummingbird, they’ve got you covered.

Some of them feature hilarious accents like glasses or mustaches, or color fabric featuring designs that include animals. This site even allows you to design your own mask, so the sky is literally the limit with what kind of mask you can purchase for yourself and your family. 

Fine Art America masks are one-size-fits-all. They’re made of polyester and have elastic ear loops. They’re non-medical masks that are washable.

8. DIY animal face masks

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Feeling crafty? Why not make your own animal face masks for yourself or your kids! Or, gift them to friends, family members, or neighbors. Online tutorials give you everything you need to make animal face masks, often including the patterns and templates for the faces. 

All you need to provide is the materials, which usually includes fabric, elastic, iron-on vinyl, and sewing supplies. Your kids can choose the colors of fabric they like, and you can make the masks exactly how you desire.

9. Zazzle

For animal lovers, Zazzle has you covered – literally! Find affordable animal-themed masks on this site that has many possibilities, including a cute cat face mask with a smile, pink nose, and whiskers. A more chic animal print mask is an option, or masks with butterflies, paw prints, and even penguins!

Wear Scooby-Doo’s face with a mask featuring the famous crime-solving dog. Animals that are unique and interesting are featured on these masks, including sloths, sharks, and dinosaurs. There is a lot of variety on this site when it comes to animal face masks. 

Zazzle offers different options for face masks. Reusable face masks come in polyester or cotton designs. The polyester option has a pocket for your filter. These masks are one-size-fits-all.

10. Signs.com

Head to Signs.com for a variety of mask options. You can design your own mask using the website’s available templates. As far as animal face masks go, these include a realistic cat face mask, animal print, a penguin design, and others. 

If you’re feeling creative and want to choose your own color and image or even upload a design of your own, this is an easy way to do that without having to go the DIY route. Masks from Signs.com are breathable and comfortable, made with elastic ear loops and machine-washable.

11. Amazon

Of course, Amazon has no shortage of animal face masks in a variety of price points and design options. Some of these include dog snouts, cat faces, gorilla noses and mouths, and tigers. There are also designs that include bandana-style face coverings that you can tie around your head and cover your neck as well. These are very versatile offerings. 

Most masks are reusable and washable, made of cotton, and have elastic ear loops. However, confirm these things with the item you choose before checking out, and make sure you don’t buy a sheet mask intended for skin care instead of a protective face mask!

12. Sanctuary

Want to acknowledge your love of animals but look fashion-forward and chic at the same time? Get a great deal on a five-pack of masks from Sanctuary, featuring some cool styles that include animal print and camouflage for a safari feel! 

These masks are one-size-fits-all, and they include a nose wire so you can adjust your mask to fit your face perfectly, making the mask feel and fit more securely. Masks have two layers. 

When you purchase masks, Sanctuary is also donating their masks to people in need of these necessary face coverings during this time.

13. Rover

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Want to give to a good cause? Then purchase a cute purple or gray mask from Rover, who is donating the money from their animal face masks to the survivors of domestic violence as well as their pets. This is a worthy cause outside the scope of what many are doing with their mask profits, and an adorable mask to boot! 

The face masks are made of two layers of soft, comfortable cotton. They’re machine-washable and reusable. And, if you’re feeling overcautious, you can even get a mask for your animal, too! Make a fashionable statement when you and your pup have matching masks to keep you both safe and protected.

14. Alex + Nova

The interest in these animal printed, cotton face masks has been so high that they’ve been temporarily out of stock off and on. But don’t worry! If they’re out when you’re shopping, chances are that more are on the way. They’re worth the wait with their high-quality fabric and 100% satisfaction guarantee, and with both child and adult sizes offered, you can match your mini-me!

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